Sundarikalp (Menopause help) tea

Helps to cope with Pre and post menopausal syndrome. Contains natural phyto estrogen like substances and acts as a tonic to the female system


Rasayana (rejuvenation) tea

Helps in optimizing physiological functions, rejuvenating the body & mind and slow down the aging process

Vajikaran (aphrodisiac) tea

Helps to promote overall sexual performance, to achieve better orgasm in: male and female and to correct premature ejaculation & erection problems.


Vata Tea (Vata balancing tea)

Balancing Vata

Stress alleviativation tea

Helps to cope with continuous exposure to stress

Tidoshic tea

Balancing Tridosha

Tulsi herbal tea

Help to fortifies the immune system and augments the long life

Tulsi-Ginger tea

Help to reduce stress and Minimizes Cold & Flu Symptoms.

Ginger tea

Help to Improves circulation ,Relieves cold and flu symptoms and Regulats blood sugar



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